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...May evil beware, and may good dress warmly and eat lots of fresh vegetables!

I think I have a mind, unless I don't, 'cause then I can't.

Mike, George, Edwin, Gerd, TI,whatever you call me
30 January
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I'm going to Western Michigan University. My major is education; I plan to teach advanced science or math.

As for me, I'm a generally weird person. I guess it's because I tend to ignore how things are typicaly done, and instead figure out my own way from what I know and think is right. I tend to notice how things work, and how they got to be that way. All in all, I've come to realize that life sucks without a purpose, so why not do something useful? "Good" isn't an arbitrary concept; a yin made to balance the yang of bad. It's a way of doing things that makes a situation better. And it's the way I prefer to live. Because as far as I can tell, there's nothing that automaticaly makes you happy. You need to choose something to value, and since you've got a choice, why not pick something that'll help someone else out too?

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